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New challenge at scrapbookgraphics with.. ME!

Oh I have been so incredibly busy that I forgot to tell you that there is a really cool new challenge going on in the forums at scrapbookgraphics.. hosted by me! AND I will have a template pack, designed for the challenge, on sale during the challenge too....

(click to go to the forum at scrapbookgraphics)
A book of me challenge is nothing new. There are many online and you can do it easily by yourself. Getting through with it is the most difficult part. How many of us forget to scrap about ourselfs? How many started the book of me challenges, but always stopped before finishing?

I know I started many pages, but never took the time to properly finish an album, because I thought other pages were more important. Pages about the children, to keep their memories, to document other lives. And you know what? They ARE important, but not more important then scrapping about your life, your feelings, your thoughts.

I know my mom has still lots of questions for my grandma, but unfortunally she passes away and now there are these simple and also important questions that can't be truthfully answered any more. I know she would love to have that famous recipe from her to make it just like my grandma always did. I know my mom would love to know more about the feelings and thoughts my grandma had when raising her children.

Now we still have time to do that for our children and grandchildren.

What if we are not here any more? What if there are so many unanswered questions while we can all document these for our children, but also for future generations. How will the world be in 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 100+ years? I bet they all would value a book about us, even though we might think we are unimportant or uninteresting.

Well.. I challenge, I dare you, to follow along this "From the heart" journey. Not only a book about ourselfs, but -a diary, -a personal experience, -tips and tricks and -lesson book for our future generations.

This challenge is not about who has the prettiest or most interesting page. It is all about documenting your own story. Copy someones design, use the same products if you like that.. but always stay true to your own thoughts and feelings. They might sound silly or weird, you might have troubles writing things down.. don't worry about grammar, don't try to make perfect sentences, that is not what's important after all.

Let's create a treasure together.

We're starting at page 1 this month, but we will have no specific order after this. do what you like, sort the pages as you like.

Dont worry about it, let's start creating and we will create a nice flow after finishing a couple of pages.

Page 1

This will be the intro/title page.

Include a photo of yourself, make one, find one, do whatever you like. Include the date from when the photo is taken and find a nice title for your page. You can use the "from the heart" title or any other that you like.

Also write why you choose to document your life and make this book.

I created 2 templates for this first challenge. Two different templates, two different styles. They are for sale for 1 dollar during this challenge, after that they will be regular prices.

Don't feel obligate to use a template though, you can do whatever you like.

Here is my page for this week:

(see how I completely change my own templates?)

When you finished your page, please share them with us in the gallery at and leave a URL in the thread to have a random chance of winning a SBG collab kit. The more people are joining, the more people will get picked! So share this challenge with all of your friends!

Lets be creative2gether!



It's official!

My store at SBG is open! I still can't believe it and I am super excited about this new adventure! I hope you will follow me along.

There will be a great new challenge in the forum at scrapbookgraphics today.

Also don't miss the freebie in the store!

Hope to see you in the forum today to join me in the "From the Heart" challenge.



A little sneak peek..


Coming Soon!

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